Undoubtedly, blockchain is causing significant disruptions across the loyalty rewards industry. This emerging technology is making it possible to create a wide array of new ways to offer customers loyalty rewards in a secure and transparent manner. Currently, tech geeks will tell you that using tokens is one of the significant factors contributing to the success of loyalty programs today.

In this article, we will explore the LIXX tokens and help you better understand how LIXX utility tokens, used in the LIX ecosystem/marketplace, can help your business stand out from the competition.

Understanding the LIXX token

The LIXX token is used to execute economic activities and is the foundation for Libra Incentix (LIX) incentive rewards system. This token leverages blockchain technology to allow for personalized rewards based on one's behavior, enabling full transparency while rewarding awards. In simple terms, the LIXX token can be a reward for your customers and employees in the LIX ecosystem.

The technology used to create the LIXX token is based on the BEP-20 standard. We decided to use this solution to keep the technology infrastructure as simple as possible using tried and tested means. We have a series of LIX systems that take transaction data from our payment processing partners, anonymize it so no one can identify the users, put it into different categories, and save it in a database with many copies, so it's not lost. Brands can then access the data to guide their personalized marketing campaigns and reports on the LIX Marketplace. All internal LIX databases and systems will be secured, redundant, and distributed in a truly decentralized way.

As a LIXX token user, you will have access to a web application and an Android or IOS app. This will allow you to manage your account, check your rewards balance, use your LIXX token, and shop in the marketplace. As an organization, you will be granted access to a web-based management portal where you can manage your account, change the reward percentage you wish to distribute to your customers, manage your marketing campaigns, run market research surveys, and purchase and view market insight data at an instant.

So why use the LIXX token?

There are several advantages to using Libra Incentix LIXX tokens.

1. LIXX tokens are safe and secure. As mentioned earlier, we use a system called the BEP-20 standard that ensures that all your funds and, most crucially, your data are protected from hackers.

2. LIXX Token is versatile and can easily be shared with family and friends, and have an assortment of different uses. An advantage to your customers who may want to share their loyalty programs is helping bring new customers to your business.

3. Your customers will be able to see the monetary value of their tokens alongside their token balance, enabling them to know how much they must spend and where they can spend.

4. With every LIXX token your customers spend, you will get detailed information on your customer's redemption. This translates to receiving more personalized and relevant offers for your customers. A study has shown customers prefer loyalty programs that offer customized rewards and discounts.

5. Angling on profits, using LIXX tokens allows you to give your customers tailor-made discounts, prizes, or other special deals. Data from numerous studies have shown that this increases the chance of a repeat purchase, growing profit margins for your business.

6. Due to unforeseen circumstances, customers may lose access to their LIXX tokens due to misplaced devices or forgotten passwords. With our LIX technology, we can re-issue new tokens to your customers, allowing uninterrupted loyalty reward systems for your customers.

Why is Libra Incentix the next big thing?

Simple! LIX has done away with all the complexity all overhead costs of starting and running a loyalty program. By utilizing blockchain technology, LIX has been able to consolidate loyalty programs across industries allowing brands to create exciting offers that benefit their customers. It also allows brands to offer a unique experience through their vast network of partners. Your customers will be able to redeem their points across various brands in the LIX marketplace, exposing them to brands outside your industry and creating a long-lasting customer experience.

LIX offers real-time procession for a seamless customer redemption experience. One of the problems with traditional loyalty rewards programs is that points take a long time to credit buyers' accounts. Our technology, and through collaboration and partnership with commerce and Point of Sale (POS) companies, will allow an automatic cash conversion at your point of sale. This will all be done transparently! It also allows transactions to be recorded and accessible quickly by all organizations. LIX enables you to credit points to your customer accounts more rapidly. Several industry findings show customers want easy, fast, and uninterrupted access to their rewards. This also adds to a great customer experience promoting business loyalty.

In conclusion

Your loyalty program lets your customers know how much you appreciate their business. If they buy something from you, you should thank them. LIX was started to help your business achieve this. To put this in numbers, 69% of customers are influenced by the brands' loyalty program, while 37.5% of customers confess the main reason for the purchase was the brand's loyalty programs. Another study shows that 50% of customers will change their purchase behavior to have a higher ranking in a brand's loyalty program. Interestingly, 76% of customers have come out and reiterated that a good loyalty program had brought them closer to the brand.

As the adage says, ‘The writing is on the wall’ and 'Numbers do not lie. Join other high-ranking organizations like SMIT, a US-based tech provider, WallPost Company, a European ERP provider, USHOP a VAT refund agency based in London, featuring over 5,000 users who regularly use their app and TAMIAS, a Point-of-Sale application that targets global markets. Libra Incentix is your brand’s future loyalty program manager. Join us today and redesign your loyalty programs for unprecedented growth.