First two months of 2023 have proven that more and more investors are getting interested in the LIBRA INCENTIX project, the leading blockchain-based B2C Rewards Marketplace. During these months more than 4,000 users joined the official LIBRA INCENTIX community in Telegram network and more than 1,000 users followed project's page in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It is the fact, that LIBRA INCENTIX gets also noticed in the press and digital news podcasts. You could check the latest article about the Libra Incentix project in Forbes here.

Such big attention to the project is not a surprise for qualified investors or crypto enthusiasts because LIBRA INCENTIX's idea is unique and innovative and LIBRA’s management team keeps working on explaining and highlighting project's utility for the modern B2C sector. The LIBRA INCENTIX token (LIXX) could be used almost by every business in the world, starting from manufacturers or suppliers and ending with final consumers. Moreover, LIBRA INCENTIX's team constantly attracts more users by organising different promotional events, where users could receive LIXX tokens for completing simple tasks. An example of such event is promotional campaign at Crew3 platform, which attracted about 1300 participants. During the Crew3 campaign up to 70 demonstration videos were created by participants, 75 articles were published in multiple blogs, up to 500 users reposted LIBRA INCENTIX's posts and up to 450 people spread the word about the project in other Telegram communities.

The other thing, which helps the project to attract investors to it's community, is that LIBRA INCENTIX's team is always online and talks in person to project’s audience. In February LIBRA INCENTIX team hosted the 2nd AMA session, where LIBRA INCENTIX's Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Doxsey, alongside the Product Owner and Director of New Business Development, told participants about the project itself, it’s plans for future and answered in person questions that interested the audience the most. More than 100 users attended the AMA session that day.

The LIBRA INCENTIX platform is a pay-as-you-go loyalty management system that aims to connect people to brands. As a company, rewards can be triggered by the completion of any task configured in the platform. Examples can include positive social media engagement, referring a friend or providing a 5-star rating. Through an API integration with Point-of-Sale (POS) software and e-commerce platforms, LIX can automatically reward customers based on real-time expenditure.

Using LIX, all the rules governing a loyalty program, such as the earning logic, redemption options, value, and expiration date, are coded into smart contracts, eliminating the administrative overhead associated with reconciliation and settlement. Points can be backed by any currency selected by the organization owner or replaced with the native utility token, LIXX. LIX enables a brand to quickly form coalition models where a common loyalty currency is earned and redeemed in multiple places, giving more value and less restriction to the reward. An organization can configure their own loyalty currencies with complete control over the earning and redemption logic. LIX is also the bridge to other coalition programs where points are seamlessly transferrable anywhere in their global ecosystem. Companies can monetize their loyalty program by negotiating different redemption values with each of their partners, transforming their marketing department from a cost center to a revenue stream.

The detailed information about the project, it's business model and it's roadmap could be freely obtained from the LIBRA INCENTIX's WhitePaper, posted on the official project's webpage -