Libra Incentix, a blockchain-powered loyalty management program, is excited to announce its latest partnerships with leading businesses and retailers TAMIAS and Apparel Group. With the goal to power-up the loyalty program and marketing industry through blockchain technology, Libra Incentix recognized the importance of forming partnerships with firms that share the same pioneering mentality and appreciation for blockchain as they do.

TAMIAS, a Point-of-Sale provider recently awarded with a contract with a catering company in Qatar recently delivered to 320 pop-up restaurants, in time for a major sporting event. LIX, being the loyalty provider integrated with TAMIAS POS, distributed loyalty points to anyone buying food and beverage within exclusive fan zones, exposing LIX to hundreds of thousands of people. Now the TAMIAS POS platform will be the first technology partner accepting LIXX utility tokens as a form of discount on purchases. Additionally, Tamias POS recently developed relationships with food delivery applications in the Middle East which presents giant opportunities for LIX which will be elaborated on later this year.

Apparel Group, a major retail player in Doha with presence in the largest shopping malls in the country are working with LIX to offer exclusive discounts. In exchange for LIX points, shoppers receive significant discounts at some major brands, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Aldo.

A partnership with WallPost Company, an ERP provider with 7,000+ users, exposed a new use case for the LIX rewards system. WallPost are integrating their HR and payroll software modules with LIX so that LIXX tokens can be used to reward high-performing employees, redeemable within stores and restaurants connected to the ecosystem or to be traded with other crypto and fiat currencies.

The blockchain-powered rewards management platform also added USHOP to its list of partners. USHOP offers Tax-free shopping solutions in Europe, with more than 1,000 customers, including Adidas, Pandora, and Lacoste. In addition, USHOP has partnered with LIX to reward shoppers for using their service and downloading their consumer app.

Libra Incentix is still negotiating deals with high-end restaurants and fashion brands. Currently, the platform is in discussions with some major football clubs to discuss the potential of tokenizing their existing fan points. LIX is also making its foray into the Telco industry with potential collaborations with tier-1 telcos whereby LIXX tokens will be cashed-out via their digital wallets. Moreover, since Tamias and WallPost have partnerships with major telco companies, such as MTN, Indosat, Ooredoo, STC and Digicel, LIX will leverage these partnerships to help reach a global market.

These partnerships follow Libra Incentix's collaboration with their first customers which included Novo Cinema, the most visited chain of theatres in the Middle East. Novo will compensate LIX for every discount coupon redeemed at their cinema.

How Libra Incentix's Latest Partners will Benefit from LIX Integration

Companies and businesses use loyalty programs and incentive programs to reward customers and employees for their buying efforts and work behaviors. Customers trust that the higher the tier, the more savings and benefits to be gained from a loyalty program. For retailers, offering a loyalty program can strengthen their relationship with customers and retain new ones. The notions are clear, but the current reward systems have some lapses in their structure that must be addressed.

First, the loyalty systems are out-dated and inefficient. As loyalty programs grow their memberships, partners and customers, their management and administration become complicated and expensive to operate. As redemption options become less restrictive and more personalised, maintaining accurate reconciliation and settlement is a challenge even for the most established loyalty provider. Rules differ depending on the partnership agreements in place, reward values and expiration dates need constant tracking.

Reward systems that uphold a limited and specific environment where points have no value beyond the users' accounts, are considered less attractive. The lack of freedom causes users to abandon the program.

Finally, the current landscape requires more personalization in order to provide the best customer experience. However, personalization depends on data collection, a topic which strikes a nerve with many people.

This is where Libra Incentix can outdo many of their competitors. The blockchain-powered platform integrates AI algorithms and smart contract technology to offer configurable, personalized and automated reward systems that require next-to-no admin or manual intervention, thus cutting costs and enhancing user experience. Embedding loyalty program rules into smart contracts makes LIX more trusted and transparent then any traditional loyalty platform.

Libra Incentix also helps businesses and companies design a reward program that allows customers/employees to use their reward points as they deem fit. They can share or donate their crypto rewards with blockchain's democratic and decentralization objectives. With this, points are broader than the environment which they are earned from. Libra Incentix provides plugins that allow businesses to link their Point-of-Sale or e-commerce website directly to their rewards engine.

Since blockchain is secure and uses encrypted technology, customers can provide more personal information without worrying about data theft. With the user data insights such as behavioural and contextual data, businesses using LIX can develop client-centric offers and personalize gifts for their customers.


Libra Incentix is elevating the loyalty program and marketing industry. It is an innovative blockchain-powered platform that will drive the next-gen loyalty initiatives. Finally, this objective is becoming a reality.

Join other retailers and restaurants creating loyalty programs that benefit from Libra Incentix's tools and plugins. Get in touch with Libra Incentix's team to develop your reward program today!